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Please read the license below before downloading the source code.

Source Code License for ConnectFusion (GPL / Commercial)

The source code for ConnectFusion is under GPL (
GNU General Public License).  You are required to release your source code if you distribute products that are derived from ConnectFusion's source. 


To compile ConnectFusion, you will need

VC++ .Net Version 2002

If you intend to use the source of ConnectFusion for commercial purposes, or if you do not wish to release the source code of your modifications, you may purchase a commercial license to use the source without the above restriction.

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Open Source Advantages

The advantages of Open Source has been advocated widely in many literatures. Having the code makes it easy to resolve many problems, like you do not have to depend on only one vendor to fix problems of the software. You can also enhance the software yourself if you think the features are not exactly what you need.

In general, the advantages of the software as a result of its openness is that it becomes more stable, adaptable, better in quality, more frequently innovated, secure and free !

For more information on Open Source, please visit the site :


ConnectFusion Download Accelerator is now available in French. For more information, please click here.


The Italian version of ConnectFusion Download Accelerator v1.0 is now available, thanks to the translation by "Diodeldragone". For more information, please click here.


Connectfusion download accelerator v1.0 is released.

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