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How does the Download Accelerator work ? Does it download every file in the queue simultaneously ?

Answer : ConnectFusion Download Accelerator downloads one file at a time, rather than all the files in the queue simultaneously. If there are more than one file in the download queue, it will not start a new download until the previous download has completed.

My download does not start, what can I do ?

Answer : Please ensure all the following conditions are met.

1) Check that the Download Accelerator is set to Download mode. This can be done by clicking the download button.

2) Check that your computer is connected to the internet.

3) Check that no other file is being downloaded by Download Accelerator at the moment. This can be done by inspecting the download rate. If the download rate is not zero, this could mean another file is being downloaded.

4) Check the status of the download is not in error. If it is in error, you can clear the error and reload the file by right-clicking on the item and select "Clear Error" from the pop-up menu.

Help ! My download stops halfway and is not making any more progress.

Answer : You may want to click the Stop button and after a short while, click the Download button again. Alternatively, you may shut down the program and restart it. Download Accelerator will resume from the interrupted point.

I am sure the file I have chosen for download is more than 300MB, but ConnectFusion Download Accelerator finishes the download in less than 2 seconds. I checked the file and it is less than 5K. The Download Accelerator indicates that the download is completed.

Answer : This may due to the link you have provided is an indirect link. These links are usually very long and does not have a recognizable filename at the end. An example of an indirect link is

When a indirect link is entered into the Download Accelerator, it usually downloads a small HTML file that contain error messages. Example of such error messages are

"The page cannot be displayed"

Because the actual file that is downloaded is the HTML displaying an error, this explains why the returned file size is only a few Kbytes.

Another reason for getting a small download file is that you do not have permission to download a link. If you paste the link you intended to download in the browser, it will return a message like


For ConnectFusion Download Accelerator to work properly, please ensure the download link is a direct link. An example of a direct link is

Notice the link ended with a recognizable filename connectfusion.exe and does not contain the characters &+,= . Direct links usually contains only the characters A-Z, 0-9 , slash (/) and dot(.)

Does ConnectFusion Download Accelerator download files with the FTP protocol ? Will ConnectFusion Download Accelerator download a FTP link like ?

Answer : ConnectFusion Download Accelerator is able to download files with the FTP protocol. However, ConnectFusion Download Accelerator does not support the Download and Resume feature for FTP links. This means if the connection is lost at the middle of a download, the Download Accelerator will not be able to resume the download and has to start all over again. Furthermore, the Download Accelerator will not use multiple threads to download a FTP link. This mean there will be no acceleration for the FTP link.

How can I cancel a file currently being downloaded ?

To cancel a file that has the status "Download In Progress", you will need to click the Stop button first. This will cause all downloads to stop, and a "X" (delete) button will appear on every URL in the queue. At this point, you can click the "X" button to remove the URL in the queue.

Does ConnectFusion Download Accelerator works with indirect links ?

Answer : Yes, ConnectFusion will work with a few types of indirect links. They include

1) links that point to a HTML file that contains the <meta refresh> tag. The presence of this tag in the HTML will usually cause the browser to reload after a few seconds. If a link points to an HTML file, ConnectFusion Download Accelerator will parse it and automatically redirect to download a new file if necessary. Example of such links are found in

2) links that point to a HTML file that contains the <IFRAME> tag. If the IFRAME tag points to file with the extensions .exe, .zip, .gzip, .gz, .tar, ConnectFusion Download Accelerator will automatically redirect to download the new file.

The "X" (delete) button, "Move Up" button and the "Move Down" button does not appear. Without them, I cannot manipulate my URLs in the download queue.

Answer : To makes these buttons appear, you will need to stop all downloads by clicking the Stop button.

How much faster can ConnectFusion Download Accelerator speed up a download ?

Answer : The improvement in download speed will depend on the server. ConnectFusion Download Accelerator speeds up a download by making multiple connections to the remote server.

Typically, the improvement in download rate is about 10%-20%, when compared to the web browser. However, for some cases the improvement can reach more than 200%.

Why does ConnectFusion Download Accelerator prompt me for a file name sometimes when I add an URL ? Doesn't it assign a name to the download file automatically ?

Answer : Generally, ConnectFusion Download Accelerator will take the last few letters from the URL and decides if it is a valid filename. If so, it will use it as the name for the local file. For example, the following link will cause ConnectFusion Download Accelerator to automatically name the download file as connectfile.exe

If ConnectFusion Download Accelerator is unable to recognize the filename from the URL, it will display a save dialog and prompt you for a name.


ConnectFusion Download Accelerator is now available in French. For more information, please click here.


The Italian version of ConnectFusion Download Accelerator v1.0 is now available, thanks to the translation by "Diodeldragone". For more information, please click here.


Connectfusion download accelerator v1.0 is released.

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